TAGGED: 20 Facts About Me

Sorry for taking so long to post up a new update. However, '20 facts about me' tag has been trending on Instagram and I was tagged by one of my bestfriends. So, here are 20 facts about me:

  1. Behind the name: Nur means Light and Syahadah (or "Shahadah") is the Islamic Creed, one of the Five Pillars, which translated "There is no god but Allah SWT; Muhammad SAW is the Messenger of Allah SWT". The name was given by my beloved mum and she is Muallaf. I am the first generation Muslim on my mother's side.
  2. My downfalls are coffee and sweet things. Yes, I have sweet tooth and I am heavy coffee drinker.
  3. I am mixed race -Ibanese and Arab (Maternal) and Javanese (Paternal).
  4. I don't eat spicy food simply because I can't stand of spicy at all. Bummer.
  5. People always mistaken me for having a brother, but I don't have one. Also, most people thought I was the only child in the family. Nope, in fact, I have 8 siblings including me and all are girls.
  6. Born on July 20th. My mum told me that I was only 7 months and half when I was born.
  7. I suffered Jaundice when I was small. Then when I was 7 years old, I had to go to the hospital for ear surgery due to ear infection.
  8. People often think I look younger than my age. Asian perks, I guess.
  9. I LOVE CATS. They are adorable-looking creature with fluffy fur.
  10. My first job was a part-time barista when I was 18.
  11. I work better under pressure and yes, I procrastinate a lot. (I bet most people do the same)
  12. I wanted to be an architect in the first place because I love to draw and buildings at the same time. Somehow, I was led to a different course due to my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) result at the time.
  13. I bite nails whenever I type something or sitting in front of the computer. I don't know why.
  14. I enjoy watching documentaries about past civilization and fantasy creatures such as dragons, sea humanoids, etc especially mermaids. I do believe that they still exist somewhere in this world.
  15. I play certain games such as Diablo II and III, Heroes of Might and Magic III, V, and VI.
  16. I have a habit of keeping plastic and paper bags, price tags and receipts (plus, cinema tickets).
  17. My nickname is Syd. People often mistaken Syd as "Syed" and think I was a boy. My so-called-original nickname was (and still is) Syada and many of my friends can't pronounce my name properly or they say my name wrongy so I shorten my name to Syd.
  18. I am 5"3'. I wish I was taller.
  19. My signature colour is Black because I think Black suits with anything.
  20. I hate horror movies (and movies that have zombies in it). I never have the courage to watch these types of movies alone nor even with my friends and family around. I hate the suspense.
Thank you.

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