AUGUST: Makeup Haul


It has been awhile since I last posted my update. However, I decided to delete all the old posts about my past life and start off with a fresh one. Today, I would like to post up this month make up haul. I bought a few things from Sephora, which are three things, specifically, as follows:

1. SEPHORA Bronzer - RM65

I picked this one up as whenever I apply my foundation or BB cream on my face, my face tend to be flat. The shade that I picked is Medium (No.2) as I have warm undertone. I love it as the shade made my face really stands out, whenever I do contour under the cheekbone. It is very light-weight and most importantly, no shimmer! Plus, it is in compact and easier to use.

2. SEPHORA Pore Scrubs - RM22

I have large pores and whiteheads all over my face and I needed this holy grail pore scrubs --or the real name is Precision Pore Cleasing Pad, also, from Sephora. I use this almost every single day, well, once a day. I love this because first of all, this pad helps to minimize my (gigantic) pores and the bristles on the pad really helps to scrub out all makeup residue that clog my pores too. For whoever make this, thank you so much. The size of the pad is pretty much small but it has handle at the back for me to hold it while circling around the face.

3. SEPHORA Multicolour Lipgloss - FREE

As you can see from the package, it is a birthday gift from Sephora and I absolutely love it. I never actually see a stick of multicolour lipgloss before. The smell of this lipgloss reminds me of strawberry and love how the colour stays on my lips for a few hours. Thumbs up for this bad boy!

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